ANILOX ROLL                                                                                                         

Joint less Anilox Roller with following screens (Mesh) available :
25, 40, 60, 125, 150, 180, 200, 225 LPI (Screens) for Coating, Flexographic Printing, Glue Metering.


Speciality :

Uniform Depth
Machining / Grinding
   Dimension within very close tolerance with turning on high precision Lathe
Engraving maximum size : Ų 250mm & 2000mm L Roller

Pattern :

Tri-helical Hexagonal Pyramid Quad Quadrangular

ROTOGRAVURE PRINTING ROLL                                                                           

   Rotogravure Printing Roller for Packaging, Pharmaceutical Printing & Decorative Laminate Printing
Half Tone Job
Line Job

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