The Proofing Machine is developed for specific need of the Roto-Gravure industries. This machine is useful to inspect the precisely quality of the electronically engraved or chemically etched cylinders. The sample proofs are produced quickly and the proof establishes the' perfect colours and ink standards to allow total elimination of production press downtime caused by cylinder problems.         

The machine is equiped with programmable logic controller (PLC), hydraulic controls and pneumetic controls systems, which take control of rotation and pressure adjustment of impression cylinder, and adjustment of cylinder support. The proofs length can be selected by rotating the drum in half or full rotation mode. The machine is equiped with doctor blade seting, pressure adjustment of pneumatic and hydraulic control and impression cylinder registration, a high magnification video registration with video monitor, fine tuning of cylinder position to produce precise proofs.


Precise registor control

Programmable logic control (PLC)

Pneumatic control for doctor blade in and out

Hydraulic control with high pressure system

Fully safety interlocking system to avoid accident.

High precise registration camera & monitor.


Max. Cylinder dia    mm    350

Max. Cylinder length   mm   1300/1600

Total Power Required hp   7.5

Size L x W x H 
        (PMP - 1300)      mm    3455 x 2134 x 1550 
          (PMP - 1600)      mm    3758 x 2134 x 1550

Weight    Kg   4200 / 4500


Doctor blade support

Cylinder wash off system

8 Headstocks centres


Hydraulic systems

Pneumatics systems

A high magnification vedeo registration system
with vedeo cemera and vedeo monitor

One doctor blade with support plate

Two centres for head strocks

One blanket

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